He wasn’t like this! Written by: Muna Ahmed Omar

He does not sleep well at night. All night he is neither asleep nor awake. He spends most of night sitting long hours chewing and grinding.

During the day time, he is bored, hallucinated and sleepy.

Always bad-tempered, with red eyes yelling to everyone and maniacally looking for it, he is looking for the thing that had changed his life. No not really, he actually has chosen this way.

The Qat did not look for him, he went after it.
He no longer has those beautiful eyes nor does he have that beautiful smile. His once fresh white teeth-whiter than fresh milk turned into muddy and all left with is ‘af-qashuush’ -ugly mouth.
Once he was well built elegant. Now he became hunchbacked, shabby dress. He used to greet everybody he meets. But now he ignores everyone.

He used to have strong ties with everyone family members, relatives and friends, now he communicates no one he knew.

He lost in touch with most of his friends and family members; he is uncertain any person he meets and asks who are they [as he cannot remember very well].
He used to care and love his wife and kinder for his children with compassion, now he became careless.
He used to be a hard worker, now he does not respect his job.
He spends all his time with it, he’s either busy looking for it or sitting eating it. Other times he is high with ‘mirqaan’ unable to sleep.

He does not think about the future, neither has he remembers family or any other responsibilities. He became this way when he started this habit (Qat). Since he has started he neglected himself.
He did not care much about himself [appearance] and not bothered about how he looks or what he wears. He became somewhat lazy and ineffective. He is broke and paranoid. His health condition has deteriorated. He’s completely changed to a different person.
He regrets starting chewing Qat, yet he cannot stop it now. He always blames himself but doesn’t act. He knows all the side effects of the Qat, but he does not take the lesson. [He thinks] he will end his time this way. He blames himself every morning as much as he blames everyone else, mainly his family [on his faults]. Every night- when he cannot sleep he decides to stop it altogether. Then at noon when he wakes up, he turns to a different person maniac possessed-man encircled in the underworld.
He wasn’t like this, but now he changed and will remain this way for the foreseeable future.

Written by: Muna Axmed Cumar
Translated by: Faarax Xuseen Maxamed-Canbaase.

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