man accused of raping Somali woman and her daughter

By Steve Visser
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

DeKalb prosecutors on Tuesday are expected to lay out for jurors their case against an African man accused of raping two refugees from Somalia — a mother and her 15-year-old daughter — two years ago.

Mwamaratunga Pipole is accused of using a knife to first rape a mother and then rape her 15-year-old daughter. The girl was so terrified that she leaped from a second-story window of an apartment complex in Clarkston and ran to a neighbor and called 911.

She told police the then 20-year-old Pipole broke into her mother’s bedroom at the Southern Place Apartments and raped her. Afterwards, Pipole then brought the mother to the bedroom of her 15-year-old daughter where he raped her as well, the women said.

Pipole, who lived in the same complex as the victims, was arrested after the mother and daughter returned by taxi from the hospital about 12 hours later and saw him lounging in a chair outside an apartment. They called police.

Pipole’s mother told FOX 5 in 2012 that she is from Burundi and that her son works at a chicken plant in Gainesville, has his green card and has been in the United States for about four years.

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