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Vitamin D: The Nutrient That Is Essential For Good Health

It’s becoming increasingly clear from all the new research is that vitamin D deficiency may be the root cause behind many degenerative diseases. Insufficient vitamin D is linked to virtually every age-related disorder including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic inflammation, as well as depression and autoimmune diseases. High levels of vitamin D not only protect bone health, but they also strengthen the immune system and lead to substantially fewer colds, flu, and other viral infections. Vitamin D, is a fat-soluble vitamin. …

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10 tips on being a Successful Husband

Successful Husband

By: IslaamInfo Source: IslaamInfo Being a good spouse is important in any marriage. Marriage should be a complete partnership where two people come together to please Allah – and strive to help each other better themselves for His sake. With that in mind, here are some tips to help husbands achieve success. 1. Dress up well for one’s wife: Dress up for …

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The health & other benefits of Ramadan fasting

By: Peter Minkoff Source: IslamiCity.org Ramadan is the month in which Allah Almighty opens His doors of mercy, forgiveness and blessings upon Muslims. This month is anxiously awaited by all the Muslims as they perform the duty of fasting in this month. There is a good reason behind such joyful anticipation; Ramadan is a time of reflection, soul-searching and strengthening …

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How to attain a happy life in this world & the next

By: Ustahdha Bint Ahmad Source: IlmGate Each and every human is in pursuit of happiness, whether it be a child, or an adult, a Muslim or a non-Muslim, and this is a true fact. In order to achieve this true happiness, one must comprehend what this emotion really is. Happiness is ‘feeling, causing, or giving pleasure’ and it is being …

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In Somalia enrolments of women in higher education have twofold and more than thirty percent of students are women, but there is still unequal distribution across disciplines with few women in non-traditional fields such as engineering. Many are in traditional professions which are considered to be an extension of the natural roles of wife and mother; i.e. teaching (which is …

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14 tips for a better marriage

By: Muntaqima Abdur-Rashid Source: Zawaj.com   “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts). Verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” (30: 21). By suggesting some tips that may benefit those seeking an …

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In search of love

hamdi in search of love

The story of an amazing Somali Couple dubbed “The Couple of the Year” who are in a journey to demystify the alien concept of love among the Somali populace that has captured the attention of many.  The “LOVE” couple have one clear message:  LOVE. To a Somali; love is a concept that shouldn’t be shown, but felt; practiced by not …

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Somali Entrepreneur, Zakaria Hersi, Is Reshaping The Tech Industry In Sweden With His New Startup

somali entrepreneur zakaria hersi

Tech giants are backing Zakaria Hersis hunting for talent in suburb. Zakaria Hersi want to find developers in the suburbs with new venture – backed up by including the venture capital firm backing Minds and Klarna-founder Niklas Adalberths Foundation Northern Lights Foundation. Tech profile Zakaria Hersi built e-commerce site Efritin in Nigeria. Breakit have previously written about his startup journey …

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8 Lessons Honeybees Teach Us


8 Lessons Honeybees Teach Us Honeybees Teach the Value of Community The success of honeybees is all due to their intense sense of community.  Without this, bees should be unable to create the honey and successful hives that they do.  We, as people, should work to build our sense of community. As we do this, we are able to become …

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10 Helpful Tips to Start University on the Right Foot

start university on the right

Becoming a young adult can be stressful enough but when you are considering continuing your studies at university there may be even more issues to deal with. Here are a few pointers that may help you to keep on track and move in a direction towards a positive future. START WITH A POSITIVE FRAME OF MIND – Remind yourself why …

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Somali Teenager To Be One Of The Youngest In The UK To Receive Doctorate

A teenager from Bristol is set to become one of the youngest doctorate holders in the city – before she has gone to university. Fahma Mohamed will be awarded the Doctor of Laws by Bristol University – an honorary degree acknowledging her campaigning work to end female genital mutilation (FGM). The former City Academy pupil will be starting university at …

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The Dreamers: Meet Idil Omar, Entrepreneur, Author, and HR Enthusiast

Four-year degree. No work experience. When Idil Omar graduated from Ryerson University, she faced this common dilemma to which many other young people in her situation can relate. She thought that completing a Human Resources Management certification would make her a more competitive candidate, but when she started applying for jobs in her field, she wasn’t having much luck. Eventually, …

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Somali Entrepreneur wins $20,000 to take her DIY skin care brand Mud and Musk to the next level

A Perth entrepreneur working to launch DIY skin care brand that will contribute funds to prevent exploitation and promote sustainability around the world has scored $20,000 to take her business to the next level. Mud and Musk founder Haweya Ismail won the intense pitching competition hosted by BSchool, which cut through more than 150 initial applicants to reach its five …

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Make Hay While The Sun Shines!! By: Hamdi Abdikani Shire

It’s quite uneasy to forget the stress, depression, rejected resumes and other barriers along the way to the “prime job” when there is highly alarming unemployment rate in our country, yet we wouldn’t let ourselves wallowed in self- pity because of these breakable hurdles. I highly understand and have clear, unclouded experience in that enthusiastic feeling of “you have got …

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Somali-Syrian couple eye future in Finland

Mahmoud is Syrian, and Naama a refugee from Somalia. They met and married in Damascus. War has ravaged their lives. Today, the couple and their 18-month-old daughter wait to be resettled in Finland where they hope to finally build a future.

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