St. Cloud State Student Creates App to Keep Track of Assignments, Schedules

gulled app

(kstp abc)–Tired of trying to keep track of assignments and exams as a student at St. Cloud State University, one computer science major decided to take matters into his own hand and create a mobile app to do it for him.

Guled Ahmed of North St. Paul set out to create an app in December 2014 during his junior year at St. Cloud State.The app, called “Studious,” was released June 22. Ahmed said he has been updating it ever since.Studious

“I got tired of how cumbersome it was to write homework assignments,” Ahmed said. “I decided to take this project upon myself and started learning about iOS development.”

The app can be used to organize homework assignments, exams, notes and professors’ email addresses in one place. The app can also remind the user of important deadlines.

“The app keeps track of schedules; I gained inspiration for that with my own schedule,” Ahmed said. “I would lose the paper in the middle of the week and have to run to the library to print it again. The app tracks the days you go to class.”

Ahmed said that once the Apple Watch version is released, users can just glance at their watch to see their schedule for the day.

Ahmed said he started working on the project by himself until his brothers decided to join in, giving him design tips and advice along the way.

The app is available for the iPhone, and Ahmed is working on a version for the Apple Watch. After that, he will focus on the Android version.

Ahmed says the app will be “updated constantly” and that he has many other features he wants to include. Users can email Ahmed through the app itself to give him feedback or ideas for new features.

Now that he’s gotten a taste for app development, Ahmed said he has a “long list” of ideas for other apps he would like to create in the future.

“I just want to share my app and inspire others to create things to help make the lives of others easier,” Ahmed said. Download the app here.

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