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hamdi in search of loveThe story of an amazing Somali Couple dubbed “The Couple of the Year” who are in a journey to demystify the alien concept of love among the Somali populace that has captured the attention of many.  The “LOVE” couple have one clear message:  LOVE.

To a Somali; love is a concept that shouldn’t be shown, but felt; practiced by not liked.  The couple are re-examining and defining what love means according to a Somali.  They are sowing the seeds of love in many partners’ lives and laying the principles that guide a marriage that is full of happiness and love.

Amazingly, this couple have crossed miles to hold live sessions in Somali communities and break what many think is a taboo practice.  To a Somali, holding a partners hand in public, showing affection to one’s partner and giving a surprise gift to a partner is a rare thing. The couple, Sheikh Ahmed and Hibo are going out of the way to break the century old;  albeit unwritten practice, that has forbidden a partner to show affection to their spouse. 

They have incredibly broadened their message far and beyond a single community, to influence, reform and strengthen the fabric of Society – that is safeguarding the most beautiful gift that Allah has bestowed on us – family!  They are reviving the essentials that keep the family together.

Fear of commitment among Somalia’s young people is expressed as setbacks, disappointments and anger within a relationship pushing young couples towards divorce because they do not have skills and are unable to support each other in the marriage.  When things go sideways, divorce appears to be the easiest option. In the process, children pay the ultimate price and suffer the most.  The luckiest are the ones raised by their grandparents.  They don’t get to see their parent’s affection, love and care and to make things worse, children blame themselves for what happened for the rest of their lives.

So!  Imagine the Wonders that the lectures from Sheikh Ahmed and Hibo can do to a family where professional counselors are out of sight and many families are demolished because of simple fixable arguments. My message to the Somali parents out there is:  Please commit to your marriage.  Put your children first and seek to solve your differences to provide a stable loving family life for your children.   Do it for your children because they deserve it.

Research has shown that children who grow up in a loving and caring home do well in school, perform well in jobs, and go on to make huge contributions to society. I have to say, as a psychology student; nothing would ever make me prouder than to see many families lives flourish.  To the “love” couple, I commend you for a great job.  I must say BRAVO!!

Posted by: Hamdi Abdikani Shire


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