Autumn Sharif gives a POWEFUL rendition of ‘Hold Back the River’ – WATCH

The Voice UK finally went live this evening and all the contestants on the show really have high expectations to live up to.

The amazing Autumn Sharif of Team Ricky just took to the stage and …

It was certainly a tough decision for Ricky to cut his team down from eight to just three last week, but it seems he has always had a soft spot for Autumn. In fact, he got pretty emotional during the rehearsals for the battle rounds as well.

Speaking about Autumn last week, he said that there is something “really special” about her… and he’s right!

In Autumn’s VT tonight, Ricky said: “Autumn ha the magic that drags you in and makes you go ‘This is it. This is the person’”.

Autumn added that she is doing this for her mum, as her mum put a lot on hold to provide for her family. Ricky said that a lot of people do this show and say they’re doing it for their family, buy Autumn really is.

autum sharif

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Autumn praised Clark Carmody – who is on Team Rita – by saying that she has been listening to some of his original music. Don’t look like there’s much competition going on backstage then.

This evening, Autumn took to the stage to perform James Bay’s ‘Hold Back the River’, which was a risky decision seeing how popular the song is at the moment..

Staging was pretty minimal, as ever. We expected a lot from Autumn tonight, but her performance seemed a little flat at first and didn’t seem to go anywhere, but toward the end of the performance, she really picked it up.thevoiceuk_teamricky

Here’s what the coaches had to say: “I enjoyed it, I truly did. You sing wonderful, you’re beautiful, you have the full package”.

Rita Ora: “We could hear her! We all heard her. I think I’ve seen your journey so far, hearing you, Ricky backing you up… all I can tell you is that you’ve started the live shows so well done”.

Tom Jones: “I thought it was powerful – more powerful than I expected it to be. It’s the first time I have heard you sing it, and I love that song. James Bay is one of the best new artists around today and you did it justice. You did it your own way”.

Ricky Wilson: “Waw! Well done. You have just proved that music doesn’t come from here, it comes from here … putting you through, saving you, and putting you to this point you’ve proven to me you can do it”.

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