7 Health Benefits of Sesame Oil (Saliid Macsarada)

Sesame-OilSesame oil is indeed mostly used for cooking purpose, but it also offers plenty of benefits for human health. When applied properly, the oil provides nutrients for human skin, hair, and bones. It also helps to regulate blood pressure and serotonin level in brain. Below are seven health benefits of sesame oil.

1. Hair Care

Similar to other hair oils, you can use sesame oil to massage the scalp. If applied regularly, it helps to darken hair color and reduce hair fall problems. Another benefit is that sesame oil is able to prevent dandruff by killing the bacteria that cause such hair/scalp problem.

2. Skin Care

The most prominent sesame oil health benefits are for skin care. It can act as moisturizer, emollient, and anti-inflammatory remedy. Its texture is fairly thick, but it can penetrate the skin easily. Sesame oil can also trap toxins on your skin and carry them away as you wash your body. You can even use sesame oil as a sunscreen lotion. In some cases, sesame oil is possibly used for treating fungal diseases and vaginal yeast infections.

3. Promotes Healthy Bones

Sesame oil is almost an all-in-one substance that provides plenty types of nutrients for bones. It has mineral zinc that generally promotes healthy bones. Another important nutrient contained in sesame oil is copper which helps to relieve rheumatoid arthritis. It can also prevent various diseases such as osteoporosis and colon cancer since the oil contains calcium mineral. Besides offering various advantages for bones, sesame oil also maintains vascular and respiratory health.

4. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Reducing high blood pressure and regulating cholesterol level are probably the greatest sesame oil health benefits for human. The oil brings high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids in order to perform those functions. Sesamin and sesamol are natural preservatives that help to keep the fatty acids in room temperature, so they are at stable conditions.

5. Anti-depressant

Some studies suspect that serotonin level in the brain plays important role in depression cases. It is important to keep the serotonin level in steady/stable state to prevent tension or moody conditions. Sesame seeds naturally contain tyrosine which is often used for treating depression, stress, PMS, narcolepsy, and other health disorders. It is as well an effective oil to promote dental health and treat constipation.

6. Oil Pulling

There are actually very few types of oils recommended for oil pulling purpose, yet sesame oil is one of them. Oil pulling is a method that involves swishing the oil in the mouth. Some studies suggest that such procedure helps to improve oral health by reducing enamel wear. You can try this method by rinsing your mouth with a tablespoon of sesame oil for approximately 20 minutes, and then spit the oil out. Next, you will need to wash the tongue, gums, teeth, and palate.

7. Improves Infant Health

The evidences showing sesame oil health benefits for babies are very limited. However, many people believe that when sesame oil massage therapy is applied to babies, it helps them to relax and fall asleep. Other possible benefits are that this oil stimulates brain growth and improves nervous system.

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